pure friend necklace

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Gift this turquoise and keishi pearl necklace to a friend and bestow happiness and good fortune...then keep one for yourself ;)...

-turquoise horn charm with sterling silver cap

-white keishi silver wrapped pearl

-sterling silver ring

-sterling silver chain approx. 16" (please indicate if you would like 18"  in special instructions at checkout/chain may vary.)

-hand made in  the u.s.a.

turquoise meaning:

 -when given by a loving hand, turquoise is meant to bring happiness and good fortune; restores clear vision and ensures good fortune; power, protection

keisha pearl meaning:

-the term "keshi" was applied to pearls by Japanese pearl harvesters to describe tiny, seed-sized pearls found inside  Akoya oysters. These tiny pearls were referred to as keshi, which has the literal translation of poppy or poppy seed in Japanese; symbolizes purity and innocence